The 11 Day Path

Overcoming Stumbling Blocks to Belief

by Joe Vigliano


Is Anything Blocking You
Eternal Life?


What about your loved ones?


  I don't know where you are on your spiritual path, nor how long you've been walking it out.

Perhaps you've accepted Christ and are resting comfortably and serenely in His presence each day.

Or you've accepted Christ, yet a few questions still nag at you from time to time.

Or maybe you are looking for something more before you're ready to make that commitment.


Nine Key Questions 


Research has shown that there are nine questions most frequently asked,
by both seekers and mature Christians.


  • Is Jesus really the only way to God?  
  • Do we have free will, or is everything foreordained?  
  • Why does God allow evil and suffering?  
  • Does God torture people in hell...forever?  
  • Why don't Christians act more like...Christians?  
  • Whatever happened to miracles?  
  • Can there be true belief if there's doubt?  
  • Is there only one God or three--in a Trinity?  
  • What does the Bible really say?  

              Do any of these questions trouble you?


The Answers…and More 

             The 11 Day Path can help shorten a spiritual journey bogged down in the wilderness. By giving the peace of mind and assurance that truthful answers can provide. No clichés or pat answers. Instead, it offers Biblically-grounded, straight-forward answers in language anyone can understand. High school students have found the book to be helpful, for themselves and their friends.

             There are “Points to Consider” at the end of each chapter to think about or discuss with others.

             And in addition to providing answers to help guide people past these stumbling blocks, 
The 11 Day Path
 also provides practical guidelines and principles to apply to any other stumbling block to belief.




Here's what others have said about The 11 Day Path:

  "This book was compelling. I found myself eagerly anticipating what the next chapter held. It gave me so much to think about, things I had never thought of in that way before. It's a book to ponder and read again and again."--Lisa

  "There are plenty of wonderful books about Christian apologetics. What separates The 11 Day Path is its "stickiness" months down the road. The logic and the love contained in these pages will remain with you for a long time. And the authenticity expressed by this nonjudgmental, longtime skeptic is hard to argue with."--Cynthia

  "I always feel sad when a book I have really enjoyed comes to an end, and must say, I was sad to come to the end of your book last night. I found it very informative, and think it would be a great basis for a Bible Study Class."--Janet

 All testimonials on file.



Help Others to Eternal Life


  Christians are called by Christ to make disciples, to bring others to Him. (Matthew 28:16-20) Use what you learn from The 11 Day Path to answer questions oythers may ask you. Or give them a copy of their own.

  Sometimes one seemingly small bit of information is all it takes to tip the scale and lead someone into the arms of Christ. For many, The 11 Day Path has been a key piece in their personal "puzzle."

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 About the Author

            Joe Vigliano is the co-founder of Surrendered Lives Ministries, an international ministry dedicated to helping people form, develop, improve, and share the most important relationship in their life:
with God.

            The author of Focus on Prayer, he resides in Pennsylvania with his wife and three children, doing the work in the Kingdom that the Lord has called him to.




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